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The son of a French pioneer in cosmetic surgery, Mr. Jean-Daniel Mondin (President and Founder of Mary Cohr, Doctor of Pharmacy) decided to use his Pharmaceutical knowledge to develop Cosmetic products with healing and regenerating properties for more youthful-looking skin. These high-tech formulas, formerly used by his father for cosmetic surgery, are now available to expert beauty professionals. Mary Cohr is formulated with ingredients selected for their proven effectiveness and without GMOs, the product are in perfect affinity and optimally compatible with the skin. These treatments offer solution for even the most demanding skin types, including those healing from surgery. Over 40 years of salon experiences, Mary Cohr treatment products are the fruit of the life sciences and are formulated by a laboratory at the cutting edges of cosmetology. Mary Cohr laboratories are indeed one of the very few cosmetics manufacturing companies in the world to have been certified in accordance with the very highest quality standard.