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BABOR from Germany is the professional beauty skincare that unlock the secrets of the finest natural active ingredients and translate them into luxury skincare products that deliver maximum effectiveness and skin compatibility.

Founded in 1955, from the vision foresight of one man: Dr. Michael Babor. With the invention of HY-OL, a hydrophilic oil-based cleanser that remains unmatched to the present day, Dr. Babor laid the foundation for the Babor brand, which today is one of the most influential brands in professional cosmetics worldwide. Each year more than 50,000 litres of HY-OL and more than 10 Million ampoules are manufactured at BABOR’s base in Aachen.

Beauty is a corporate aim at BABOR. It is a common objective and at the same time a beautiful feeling, which more than 100,000 beauty professionals are happy to pass on, day by day, to discerning individuals in more than 60 countries worldwide. In harmony with nature, we achieve the most beautiful results.